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A webcomic about 19-year-old Brandon Hanks falling for Jackson Garrett, a supernatural being, running from his deadly past.

StrangeLore: Bonds

Brandon and Jackson search for the missing Chaos Star, a powerful object responsible for creation itself. However, an unstoppable enemy believes Jackson’s brothers (the Paens) have stolen the star for power. Now, they must find the Chaos Star and stop the merciless forces threatening to destroy them all.

Coming soon!! See the 1st 8 pages below!


About Me

My name is Viktor T. Kerney. By day, I’m an Associate Director of Student Life at Occidental College, and at night, I am a writer and co-host and co-creator of MEGASHEEN, a podcast on geekdom and queer culture. 

While my career in comics is very limited, I’ve been very active in the comic book community. I’ve served on the board of Bent-Con, an LGBTQ comic-con in Los Angeles from 2009-2014. And a consistent panelist at WonderCon and San Diego Comic-Con, discussing diversity and inclusion in comics. This is my second graphic novel. My first, STRANGELORE was self-published through a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2018.

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